Safety protection measures for production equipment of large fan manufacturers

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Author : JU LAI FAN
Update time : 2023-06-12 13:06:04

Large fan manufacturers need various equipment for production, including some large or dangerous equipment such as large laser cutting machines, CNC lathes, large bending machines, forklifts, and crane cars. In addition to using these devices for daily production and processing, manufacturers also need to take safety measures for these production equipment to prevent harm to workers.

  1. Equipment self-protection: Large fan production equipment should be treated with soft protective materials on the sharp corners, edges, uneven surfaces, and protruding parts that people may come into contact with, without affecting the use function. The equipment also needs to set up protective and safety devices: protective devices provide physical barriers for protection, such as fixed protective devices, movable protective devices, and adjustable protective devices. Safety devices outside the protective device include interlocking devices, enable devices, two-hand operation devices, pressure-sensitive protective devices, active photoelectric protective devices (AOPD), limiting devices, blocking devices, emergency stop devices, etc.

  2. Work position protection: The work position of the production equipment provided for personnel should be safe and reliable, and the workspace should ensure sufficient space for the head, arms, hands, legs, and feet of the operator to move during normal operation, and there should be enough retreat space for dangerous operating points. Seat structure and size should comply with human engineering principles and meet job requirements and fatigue-free requirements. If space permits, seats must have backrests to protect the lumbar spine. The seat used for drivers should ensure that the vibration borne by the driver is reduced to a reasonable minimum. The fixation of the seat should withstand all loads, especially when tilting.

  3. Slip and fall protection: Since large fan manufacturers need to perform fan hanging tests at high altitudes, the safety of personnel stepping and standing must be fully considered when designing operating positions at heights. If operators often change working positions, safety walkways must be equipped with the equipment. The width of the safety walkway should not be less than 500mm, and a platform for standing and fall protection such as guardrails, guard plates, or safety circles should be configured on the high-altitude equipment. Special anti-slip treatments should be applied to the soles of the feet.

  4. External safety prompts: Safety signs or painted safety colors should be installed in locations and places where dangers are likely to occur, such as production locations and climbing positions, to remind workers to pay attention. Make full use of the four major safety signs: prohibition signs, warning signs, indication signs, and prompt signs, and use safety colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green for warning reminders. Safety signs and safety colors should comply with the regulations of "Guideline for Safety Signs and Their Use" and "Safety Colors."

In summary, doing well in safety protection for workshop production equipment can avoid danger in daily production operations and prevent safety risk losses for large fan manufacturers, which is an indispensable production management measure for every manufacturer.

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