Mechanical Loose Analysis of Industrial Large Fans

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Author : JU LAI
Update time : 2023-06-19 08:17:42

Industrial large fans, while not belonging to precision high-tech equipment and having a lower frequency of malfunctions, can lead to safety accidents once malfunctions occur. The most common problem is mechanical looseness. This article starts with the phenomenon of looseness and explores the causes of mechanical looseness in industrial large fans to help manufacturers and customers prevent it.

I. Looseness In the current market situation, the mechanical looseness of industrial fans generally refers to the looseness of some joint parts in mechanical equipment, which is also very common during mechanical operation. There are three main places where looseness is likely to occur.

  1. The looseness of the industrial fan frame mainly refers to the looseness of the equipment frame, such as the fan motor frame, chassis, and so on. Generally speaking, industrial fans will generate vibration when running, and if the frame cannot be fixed, some structures will be detached from the running track. At the same time, the looseness of the frame can also cause some internal parts of the fan to fall off, resulting in damage to the entire fan. This phenomenon is relatively serious.
  2. The looseness of the fixing structure mainly refers to the looseness of the fixing structure of the industrial fan, such as the top connection plate connecting rod and balance wire. The main function of the fixing structure during the operation of the fan is also to fix the fan. The role of the frame is to vertically fix the fan, while the role of the fixing structure is to horizontally fix the fan, ensuring that the fan will not have a displacement phenomenon. Once such a phenomenon occurs, the other operations will be affected.
  3. Bearing looseness mainly refers to the loose bearing of the motor. This phenomenon is much more serious than the previous two. During mechanical operation, the bearing bears the rotating effect. If the bearing is loose, the operation of the fan will be affected, causing mechanical functional failure. Therefore, attention must be paid to the causes of looseness.

The mechanical looseness of industrial large fans is a common problem in malfunctions. Therefore, discovering its causes can help the after-sales maintenance department to better solve the problem. The causes of the looseness phenomenon of industrial fans can mainly be divided into two reasons: vibration-induced and friction-induced. The specific situation is as follows:

  1. Vibration-induced: The most common cause of mechanical looseness in industrial large fans is vibration. When the equipment is working normally, vibration usually occurs. Generally speaking, vibration can cause a certain impact force on the connection of the fan body. When the impact force continues to act, the connection parts will become loose, and slight looseness is the phenomenon of looseness.
  2. Friction-induced: In the installation of industrial large fans, it is usually easy to have the situation of parts being too closely connected to each other. This will cause mutual squeezing between the parts during the operation. Once this happens, the friction force between the parts will continue to increase, causing the gap between the parts to increase due to the friction force, eventually leading to a looseness situation. Therefore, there are strict regulations on the tightness between each part during installation. If it is too tight or too loose, it will cause problems with the use of the fan. The most significant characteristic of fan malfunction due to mechanical looseness is the destruction of balance. In the original fan, an equilibrium state can be formed between the parts, but with the looseness of any part, the overall balance will be destroyed, which will directly cause abnormal operation of the fan. More seriously, it may even cause safety problems such as the fan falling apart and falling. Based on the above analysis, it is hoped that industrial large fan manufacturers will strictly follow technical standards during production and installation, and regularly inspect and maintain fans for old customers to prevent mechanical looseness.
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