Combination of industrial large fan and permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor

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Update time : 2023-06-19 08:57:59

The motor, commonly referred to as "made" in Chinese, is an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electrical energy based on the law of electromagnetic induction. It mainly generates driving torque and is the power source of various electrical and mechanical devices. Motors are widely used and varied: according to the working power supply, they can be divided into DC motors and AC motors. DC motors are further divided into brushless DC motors and brushed DC motors. According to the structure and working principle, they can be divided into DC asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors, and hysteresis synchronous motors, all of which belong to synchronous motors.

As an important component driving industrial large fans, motors play a decisive role in the power, fan blades, wind, service life, safety, and other aspects of the entire industrial large fan. Traditional industrial ceiling fans use AC asynchronous motors to drive the reduced-speed motor to rotate. After a long period of use, the gear oil in the reducer needs to be replaced regularly, and the gears and bearings inside need regular inspection and maintenance. Once problems occur, exposed components need to be replaced, which is troublesome and consumes a lot of time and cost.

After a series of research and experiments, the permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor stood out among many types of motors. Directly driving the industrial ceiling fan with it eliminates the need for a reducer, gears, and bearings, avoiding the work of replacing gear oil and regularly maintaining the internal parts of the motor. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has a simple structure, small in size, is lightweight, and uses rare earth as the rotor. As long as the temperature of the motor is effectively controlled, its service life can be infinitely long. Therefore, the service life of industrial large fans can reach more than 10 years after using permanent magnet brushless motors. In addition, the power consumption of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor is only 1/4 of that of traditional AC motors, which can move a larger amount of air with lower power consumption. Industrial ceiling fans equipped with permanent magnet brushless motors truly achieve low power consumption, high efficiency, maintenance-free, long service life, energy-saving, and environmental protection, allowing customers to save time, effort, and money.

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