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An important statement about counterfeiting the name of Julai company carrying out business activities 

Dear customers, friends, and partners,


We, Julai (Chongqing) Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd.,have noticed that certain individuals maliciously carried out commercial activities in the name of Julai company. The illegal acts not only cause serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the company and brand image, but also may cause financial losses and trust crises for our valued customers, friends, and partners. We feel deeply regret and condemn such unlawful behavior. So we issue an important statement below:


Employees of our company shall hold authorization documents stamped with the official seal of our company to carry out any business activities such as negotiation, learning and communication, and signing of contracts. If you are unable to identify whether the person is a staff member of our company or whether the authorization of our company is a fake document, please call +86 15683085260 to verify.


If you find any above improper behavior,please call +86 15683085260 to provide clues and evidence.Once verified, we will investigate the relevant legal responsibilities of the violators in accordance with the law, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company and customers, friends and partners.


Finally, we would like to draw attention of our customers, friends and partners to prevent others from impersonating our company's staff and business activities between you, to avoid causing irreparable losses to you. Our company shall not assume any responsibility arising from any business activities engaged in by impersonating our company. We hope that you can work with our company to raise vigilance, jointly crack down on illegal acts, enhance security awareness, and jointly maintain a good business environment.



Julai (Chongqing) Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd

                                            Dec. 6th,2023

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